Church at LSCC


We share the sacrificial, unconditional, and eternal love of God through Jesus Christ with our friends and neighbors in Indiana, PA.


At its most basic element a church is people, not a building. So, any church is what the people make of it - the values, culture, and actions that the people attending the church believe and live out in their interactions with each other and the community at large. At LSCC, we have five values about our purpose for existence, basically how we strive to "do church" with each other and the Indiana, PA community:

We create genuine relationships with other believers as sources of encouragement and help to live a Christ-filled life.


We commit to using our gifts, talents, and resources to building up the body of Christ, the Church. 


We gather together to focus on God; the only One worthy of our worship.

Worship With Us Every Sunday from 10:30 AM to 12:00PM  at 655 Church St., 2nd Floor, Indiana, PA                                                                                       (724) 257-1106

We grow our relationship with Christ by studying and living out biblical principles.